Barrier Film

A unique 13-layer film structure provides the necessary barrier properties of packaging, even under significant mechanical strain. It ensures excellent strength properties, a high degree of sealability and moisture resistance, and resistance to various types of deformation.

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Barrier Film

The best solution for packing food, healthcare items, perfumes, and cosmetic products.

Barrier film is a 13-layer film created with increased protection of sensitive food, cosmetic, and other products in mind. The protection provided by the film is very versatile – it includes not only moisture but also physical contaminants and certain chemicals, including selected fats and acidic compounds associated with some food products. It is the ideal solution for companies looking for efficient and straightforward protection.

Advantages of Barrier Film

Barrier film has a unique composition that makes it practically irreplaceable in many cases.

Barrier film is an affordable, convenient, and safe solution for those industries that have special requirements for packaging materials. Its excellent transparency and limited own weight are also significant.


High thermal

This allows for the use of barrier film also beyond the temperature range typical for many classic packaging films without the risk of losing the protective layer’s properties, thus ensuring full safety for the products.


High puncture

Resistance to tearing, puncturing, or cutting is essential, especially since this film can be used for bulk food packaging, including products whose outer layer could damage classic films, leading to the loss of protective continuity.


to deformations

Increased resistance to deformations provides an additional level of protection for products transported in the active moving phase. Possible deformations are not permanent, thus preventing the creation of areas sensitive to damage in the packaging.



On the one hand, this prevents odors or substances from outside from entering the protected package, and on the other, it prevents the escape of aromas outside, keeping the package as a whole odor-neutral.


High moisture

Barrier film provides excellent protection against moisture. The choice of appropriate polymers for the successive layers means that even with a relatively small thickness of the protective layer, it is a good barrier against moisture exchange between the goods and the environment.



Barrier film is sealable and retains these properties even in the presence of some contaminants, including aromatic compounds, fat, or food acids. The seams created are tight, durable, and provide a high level of protection.

Properties and Applications

Barrier film can be used in all branches of industry.

Barrier film stands out technologically, which also translates into its specific properties.

Properties of Barrier Film

Applications of Barrier Film

Additional Information

There is a possibility for product customization to a limited extent. Antifog options and laminates are available. For detailed information, we invite you to contact us by phone or email:

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To place an order, please contact our sales office or sales representative. We invite you to contact us by phone or email:

+48 790 444 607
[email protected]