Colchuga Stretch Film

A 31-layer film structure produced by unique nanotechnology, it provides incredible strength and high stretchability while maintaining high resistance to tearing, cracking, and puncture damage.

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Colchuga Stretch Film

Nano-stretch film for machine wrapping and securing cargo

Colchuga film is an innovative, 31-layer film, with each layer no thicker than 10 nm. This construction translates into excellent protective properties while maintaining very high durability and the ability to be used on classic wrapping machines. It is one of the most modern solutions in its class, also ensuring a reduction in the amount of material used, thereby significantly reducing the amount of waste generated.

Advantages of Colchuga Film

Colchuga film is one of the most innovative packaging materials

It is an excellent choice mainly because it guarantees the same level of protection as classic films but at a significantly lower mass of the created package.


Significant material

With Colchuga film, cargo can be secured as well, if not better, than with classic films, using up to 50% less film. This is a huge difference that means buying less film and creating less waste.


High level
of protection

Colchuga film protects goods from moisture and contamination and also secures against the shifting of wrapped cargo during repackaging and transport, even if it includes frequent and sudden braking.



The use of many thin layers made of polymers with different properties means that the resulting film is more resistant than others to most destructive factors, including tearing forces, punctures, cracks, or localized losses and abrasions.



Colchuga film can be easily used on standard wrapping machines, where the speed of their operation can usually be increased or the pre-stretch can be reduced, adjusting these parameters to the properties of modern stretch packaging films.



Despite the application of many different layers making up this film, it is still perfectly transparent, which facilitates work with handheld and automatic scanners. The film is transparent and glossy, so scanning is effortless even with older scanner models.



Since the same effect is achieved using even half as much Colchuga film as classic films, lower inventory levels can be maintained, and smaller quantities of material can be ordered, which allows for more economical management of the company’s budget.

Properties and Applications

The use of up to 31 polymer layers of nanometric thicknesses has allowed the creation of a film with extraordinary properties

Colchuga film is distinguished by its universality and versatile application. It can be used in most cases where classic films have been mainly used.

Properties of Colchuga Film

Applications of Colchuga Film

Film Savings Calculator

Check how many kilograms of film you can save by using Colchuga film

We present a calculator that allows you to check how many kilograms of stretch film you can save by switching your current film to Colchuga film, even with thicknesses as low as 10 microns.

Type of stretch film you use:
Number of pallets of goods that you wrap with stretch film per day:
Weight of 17 μm stretch film used on a 1-day scale:
3.2 kg
The weight of our UTS stretch film used
per day:
1.2 kg
You save:
On a
1-day scale:
2 kg
On a
scale of 1 week:
14 kg
On a
scale of 1 month:
60 kg
On a
scale of 1 year:
730 kg
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To place an order, please contact our sales office or sales representative. We invite you to contact us by phone or email:

+48 790 444 607
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