We are ECO

We place enormous emphasis on ecological activities. We are fully aware of the impact that film production can have on the environment, which is why we are taking concrete steps towards sustainable and planet-friendly development.


We care about the natural environment.


Rolls films are 100% recyclable.

Downgauging concept

We reduce the thickness of our films.

We deliver the best and innovative solutions in packaging

Ecology matters to us

We are working on implementing a closed-loop system for film

In the current phase, we are actively introducing innovative projects related to the realization of a closed-loop system for stretch film. The goal of these efforts is to create a system that will enable the collection of used film directly from our clients. This will not only increase the efficiency of recycling but also minimize the negative impact on the environment by reducing waste.

Less thickness, the same properties

We are consistently working towards reducing the amount of film used, which we achieve by producing significantly thinner films

This strategy, known as the downgauging concept, not only allows us to save on raw materials but also reduces the amount of waste created during the production process. In doing so, we not only meet market expectations but also actively participate in global efforts to protect our planet.

All these activities are an integral part of our mission, which assumes not only delivering high-quality products but also ensuring that our operations have the smallest possible impact on the environment. We are convinced that ecological awareness and social responsibility are key values that should guide modern business, which is why we strive to continuously improve our practices in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.