UTS Stretch Film

UTS Stretch Film is a new generation basic film that can replace traditional manual wrapping films of various thicknesses. It offers a simple and effective way to secure loads on a pallet.

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UTS Stretch Film

Latest Generation of Stretch Wrapping Films

The UTS film is a modern alternative to pre-stretch and manual stretch wrapping films. It is thinner, lighter, and provides a higher level of load security and transparency. This makes it an economical solution for both small and large-scale applications. It is the most versatile type of packaging film for various goods, including food products. Our UTS film, after initial stretching, stabilizes and protects the load.

Advantages of UTS Film

UTS Film is a great alternative to other types of films due to its specific technical advantages

It allows for easy scanning of products, offers excellent protection against harmful external factors, and is user-friendly, making it an increasingly popular choice among businesses.



UTS Film can be used in much smaller quantities while providing the same load security as large amounts of traditional stretch films. This reduces the size of operational inventories and also lowers the amount of waste generated.



UTS Film does not require any special wrappers or skills. Due to its different production technology, its use requires less effort compared to the most durable packaging materials previously used.



Using less film to secure a load also means shorter packaging time. This benefit is noticeable even for a single pallet, and becomes more significant as the number of pallets and the need for precise security increase.



The reduced thickness of the protective layer allows for the scanning of product codes on the secured pallet, even with older scanners that struggle with materials secured by other types of films.


Load Safety

UTS Film provides excellent protection not only against external factors but also firmly immobilizes the goods during wrapping, ensuring stability during transportation.


Higher Durability and Resistance

Less effort in packaging but better results – thanks to innovative polymers, the protective layer is more airtight, durable, and resistant to various types of discontinuities in the film layer.

Properties and Applications

UTS Film's unique properties are due to its innovative production process

It is a universal packaging material that can be used in almost every standard situation.

Properties of UTS Film

Applications of UTS Film

Film Savings Calculator

Check how many kilograms of film you can save by using 8 μm UTS film

We present a calculator that allows you to check how many kilograms of stretch film can be saved by replacing standard films of 17 or 23 μm thickness with 8 μm UTS film.

Type of stretch film you use:
Number of pallets of goods that you wrap with stretch film per day:
Weight of 17 μm stretch film used on a 1-day scale:
3.2 kg
The weight of our UTS stretch film used
per day:
1.2 kg
You save:
On a
1-day scale:
2 kg
On a
scale of 1 week:
14 kg
On a
scale of 1 month:
60 kg
On a
scale of 1 year:
730 kg
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