Stretch-Hood Film

A film with excellent usability properties, ideal for packing heavy loads. It protects them from damage and deformation.

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Stretch-Hood Film

Stretch-Hood film is used to prevent goods from shifting on pallets

Stretch-Hood is an innovative solution that allows for perfect securing of even heavy loads that require full stabilization during transport. It also acts as an additional protective barrier, shielding products from many harmful external factors. Stretch-Hood films are an excellent solution because they allow the entire pallet and its load to be covered with a uniform layer of packaging.

Advantages of Stretch-Hood Film

The specific nature of Stretch-Hood film means that compared to other available technologies, it has several significant advantages

The benefits of Stretch-Hood film result not only from its construction but also from the technology of securing pallets with a single sleeve. It is an exceptionally tight protective layer that provides all the other benefits of using film packaging.


Sealed and durable protective coating

Since the Stretch-Hood film is applied to the entire pallet with the load in the form of a single sleeve, there are no leaks that can occur during wrapping. Such a coating also has the same properties at every point, ensuring full protection.


packing speed

Due to the sleeve’s construction, the packing itself takes less time than with traditional stretch films. The entire process can be accelerated up to three times, although the packing speed can be greatly regulated.


packing cost

The ability to secure a pallet using a single sleeve, rather than overlapping layers of film, means less material is used. The unit cost of packaging can be up to three times lower than with classic films.


Full label

High-quality wrapping films are transparent and should not hinder scanning, but a single-layer package with a constant structure will always be more advantageous in this respect. Scanning through Stretch-Hood poses no challenge.


Better protection against deformation of the shipment

Since all the products on pallets are secured with the same thickness of film stretched with identical force, the whole stack on the pallet is much more stable and will not be deformed during transport.


Easier damage

In the case of Stretch-Hood film, you can tell at a glance whether the protective layer has been damaged, which may not be possible with wrapped pallets – and in selected industries, maintaining the continuity of the protective coating is of particularly high importance.

Properties and Applications

Stretch-Hood film is relatively thin, yet durable and very stretchable

Stretch-Hood film is particularly chosen as a means of securing large loads during transport.

Properties of Stretch-Hood Film

Applications of Stretch-Hood Film

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